“The White Lion”

The Founder of the White Lion Café & Antiques, Swankridge Care Center is Sallyann Swank. She first opened just as an antique shop in 1984. She then took a trip to England where she lectured on Gerontology, her first love and life’s wok. She was so impressed with the cute little English pubs, that when she returned, she decided to make her antique shop into a café as well. With both of her children in Europe going to school, if you know Sally, two businesses was not enough, so she opened the café. Well, anyway, Homestead loved the café.

Then along came “Andrew”. End of story! No, not really. They just rebuilt bigger and better, two years later. As the story goes…Lory, now a graphic artist, is the chef at the café. Her mom, so impressed with Lory’s talent, creations and presentation, gave her the corporation and the payment book on her birthday. A very touching moment!!

Anyway, the White Lion is a fun place to meet people, enjoy lunch and make your day just a little bit brighter.For Your Love and Continued Support

We Thank You!!

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